Feetures Warranty Canada

Have an issue with your Feetures product?

That’s unusual! 

Feetures lifetime warranty covers manufacturers defects of products failing after normal use.  It does not cover products where faults have been caused by accident, neglect, misuse or normal wear and tear.   

Wear and tear are normal from regular use of any product.  However, should you experience any issues such as the following with normal use of the product: A hole, loss of elasticity, or seams coming undone please follow the next step below.

If purchased from a retailer other than Running Room, please see them for returns & exchange advice.  

If purchased from Running Room please return there unless it is 6 months past the date on your receipt.  If it is 6 months past the date on your receipt OR you purchased on feetures.ca please do the following….

Submit your warranty claim by email to: feetures@thebackrivergroup.com with the subject header “Feetures Warranty Request” and the following information

  1. Your full name:
  2. Place of purchase (online or in-store)?
  3. Date of purchase
  4. Please enclose a legible copy of the receipt with the date
  5. Model name, color and size
  6. Please attach a clear picture of the damage to this email
  7. Confirm your home mailing address/shipping address